NOK & Freudenberg



Started as Japan's first oil seal manufacturer, NOK had progressed to develop sealing solution for different industry segments. Companies in various industries worldwide depend on the know-how NOK has cultivated through decades as a market leader. In keeping with this trust, and to respond to every individual need, NOK is dedicated to further improving the technologies and developing next-generation seal products.



Your technology specialist for seals and vibration control, Simrit doesn't just stand for premium products, but also delivers premium service. Knowing each market has its own challenges, Simrit offers industry specific solutions, leading the way in innovation.


  Merkel Heavy Industry (MHI)

A specialist in supplying seals designed for the operation and sealing systems for heavy industry. Product safety is the basis for the high acceptance of the products. The functional and durability tests for newly devleoped seals, and regular checking of running production, play a decisive role for operational safety. With Merkel product, you are expected of reliable seals with long service lives.