Dec-1951: Nippon Oil Seal Industry Co. Ltd. was established.
 Nov-1973: Singapore Oilseal Co. was established as a subsidiary company in Singapore.
 1974: NOK Singapore Branch was established.
 Jul-1985: The name Nippon Oilseal Industry Co. Ltd. was changed to NOK Corporation.
 Oct-1988: Thai NOK Co. Ltd. was established in Bangkok, Thailand.
 1991: NOK Singapore Branch was upgraded to NOK Singapore Trading.
 May-1996: PT NOK Indonesia was established in Jakarta, Indonesia.
 Jul-1996: NOK Asia Company Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore as a subsidiary company.
 Feb-2001: Malaysia Representative Office waas established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
 Aug-2002: Vietnam Representative Office was established in Hanoi, Vietnam.
 Feb-2004: Asean Oceania Sales Division was established in Thailand, overseeing sales activities in the region.
 Jul-2005: PT NOK Asia Batam was established in Batam, Indonesia.
 Aug-2005: Vietnam NOK Company Ltd. was established in Dong Nai, Vietnam.
 Jan-2007: Established product marketing function in Singapore.
 Sep-2010: Developed Merkel Heavy Industries Partners in South East Asia



Since 1973, additional factories were built in Indonesia and Thailand to support the growing need of NOK products.

To provide better technical support to the facilities in this region, the once production plant in Singapore was converted to an engineering center in year 2003.

Over the years, activities to further expand the business in this region have never stopped. Since the establishment of the Asean Oceania Sales Division in year 2004, we project the sales will double by year 2007.